Sentinel Article -February 2020

February is here and winter is almost gone. What a January!!!!!!! Even if we get more snow, it’s been a wonderful winter so far. Membership continues to come in, and I believe we’re currently at 82%. Our Adjutant Tom Udell likes to keep busy, so don’t hesitate to get those 2020 dues in. The Honor Guard continues to be a very active group of dedicated veterans. We’re always looking for Legionnaire members to become squad members. We have uniforms in the Squad Room that may fit many of you! If not, we’ll get you one. It will not be long and elections will soon be upon us. I would like to encourage those who served in Operation Desert Storm/Operation Freedom to become active members of Post 151. We need a changing of the guard (so to speak). With Tom Udell as Adjutant, he’ll be able to school you on the responsibilities of the Executive Staff, Commander, and all related board members. Our new Service Officer, Kim Chiodo has taken on new duties as historian. She’s done a wonderful job of coordinating past deceased members obituaries. You can review them at your leisure. They’ll be displayed in the social room underneath the lottery bookcase. Many members may have seen the Gifts for Yanks sign up sheet located in the social Room. Please consider donating to this very worthy cause. The finances are used to provide veterans with special gifts during the Christmas holiday. Candidates for Department of Ohio Boys State participation are being received at this time. If you have a son or grandson that is presently in 11th encourage him to apply for this very worthwhile and very educational experience. Contact Commander Latva or Adjutant Udell for more information. Queen of Hearts continues to grow weekly. Our social room offers a comfortable venue for our membership. Also our Post will be hosting the County Council meeting on Wednesday, February 26th at 7:30 pm. Post 151 next general meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 25th at 7:30 pm. Best regards, Larry Latva, Commander.

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