Sentinel Article – April 2020

Hope all is well with our membership during this COVID-19 virus.Things continue to move forward in the Post during this closure. Staff members have been painting and thoroughly cleaning the Post. Once we’re allowed to open, you’ll see a vast improvement in the social room and back hall. Memberships continue to come in and are being processed. Our goal, for each, is to be at 100% quota by May 1st, 2020. I am sure we can achieve that. Check on your family and friends and, if they have not renewed by now encourage them to do so or, if they are not a member, encourage them to check out the Greatest Veterans Organization in the world. The Home Co. continues to insure that the Post is a safe and pleasant environment so all members enjoy their time spent here. As mentioned in the last Sentinel, nominations will be held for the Post Executive Committee starting on Tue., March 24, 2020. Six positions are open. The At Large positions are for two year terms. The only requirement to run for the Ex. Committee is to be a Legionnaire in good standing. If you have any questions regarding the elections please contact any member of the Committee and they will provide information. Contact Lempi Knapp at 593-1703 to place your name on the ballot. Our plan to vote in April, is that all members in good standing will be able to drive through the north parking lot and a member of the election committee will come to your car with a ballot sheet. Please supply a pen or pencil to cast your ballot. An envelope will be also given to you to seal the ballot once cast. Remember that all nominations will close one week prior to elections. Elections will take place on Tuesday, April 28, 2020.The Post Honor Guard continues to be a large part of Post 151. They attend many funerals for a “fallen comrade’ as well as participate in numerous community activities. The Honor Guard is continually looking for new members so, if you have an interest, contact Commander Latva or any member of the Honor Guard. I wish you all the best during this epidemic.


Larry Latva, Commander