As we enter our second year of the horrendous COVID – 19 pandemic we are once again hoping to find all our members well and healthy. Although the vaccine that has been made available to many people, we, are unfortunately, not out of the woods yet. It may be a bright light at the end of the tunnel which is great, but we still must maintain the restrictions set forth by the state of Ohio regarding PPE. The Post is still requiring face mask be worn whenever entering the Social Room and the Social Room Attendants are still doing their utmost to insure that the entire room is safe and sound. Over the past month we have seen an increase of members that have been coming in. Of course this is great to see. After struggling through the year 2020 it is certainly a pleasure to see the members come back. And, as those that do come in for the first time since the movement of the Social Room to the back hall, we have received numerous compliments as to how the room is designed, looks and taken care of. They notice a bowling machine, which has created many teams for the new bowling league that was formed. And a pool table was installed which is starting to show much play. Many televisions are surrounding the room. All is going well. We are still providing wings on Mon and Wed, pizza and stromboli on Thur., and different menu items on Tue and Fri. The Post is now looking to hire a full time cook. The days will be Mon through Fri and the hours are to be determined. If anyone knows someone that may be interested in this please let Commander Latva or Shelly Baily know and an interview will be set up. It is great news that, with the membership starting to return after the shutdowns, we can consider putting new people on the payroll. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the past few months a few changes have been made as to the dates of membership restrictions. Things such as a member being delinquent or suspended due to non-payment of dues were all taken into consideration and moved forward. But, as of June 30, of such year, the membership of a member not paid for the year will be forfeited. Hopefully none of our members fall into this category. As of the first week of April, 2021, any member that has not paid their 2021 dues will not have access to the Social Room. Once again, as we do continuously, we are asking for the help of our membership to assist in recruiting new members. They can be Legionnaires, Auxiliary members or Sons of the American Legion. We need your help!! In July 2021 the Dept. of Ohio Convention will be held in Independence, OH. At this time a new State Commander will be installed for the year 2021/22. Our Post is proud to announce, that, although she is not a member of Post 151, she was born and raised in Conneaut. Her name is Jean Wilson. She is a long time member of The American Legion and currently lives near Cincinnati. Jean will be the first female Dept. of Ohio Commander. It is certainly something that she is very proud of . As a reminder the Post is now accepting nominations for the Executive Committee. The positions are Commander, First Vice Commander, Second Vice Commander, Finance Officer and two Members at Large. If you are interested in running for one of these positions contact Commander Latva at 334-7030 or Adjutant Udell at 812-4708. Nominations close on Tue., April 20, 2021. Voting will take place at the Post on Tue., April 27, 2021 from 12 PM until 6 PM. Information has been received on 2021 Buckeye Boys State. The Post will be contacting the schools to recruit applicants to attend this very special program. Special presentation will be presented at the Regular Membership meeting on Tue., April 27. Six members will be presented consecutive year membership certificates. 4 for 50 years, 1 for 60 years and 1 for 70 years!! An honored presentation indeed. Once again we are all hoping and wishing for a great year of 2021. With the vaccines being distributed it is off to a good start. Please remember to wear your PPE and STAY SAFE!!


Larry Latva, Commander