Happy New Year to all members of American Legion Cowle Post 151. Although 2020 was a very uneventful year, we so look forward to 2021! Hopefully this year brings health and prosperity to all. We are entering into our eleventh month of the COVID-19 pandemic. The one highlight that occurred over the past few weeks is the vaccine that was put out on the market. We are so hopeful that this vaccine will be the saving grace of this horrendous virus. Only time will tell as the world monitors this. As was reported, the Post was shut down on Dec., 26, 2020 to complete the move of the Social Room to the back hall. As the work progresses all members will be very pleased at the “new look”. We all look forward to seeing the members returning to one of the best Post’s in the state of Ohio. Much work has been done to insure that this move will meet all the needs of our members. The complete move has not been completed yet but work continues and our goal right now will be to open on Friday, Jan. 8. As in very many cases, especially at these trying times, a few wrinkles must be ironed out. I am sure everyone understands many of the predicaments that arise when meeting a project such as this. Although the Post has been closed for Social Room participation, food has been available over the past couple of weeks. It is a full menu (except the ordering of pizza) and things have been going well. You simply have to call the Post (593-2205), order your food, then come and pick it up. Of course it will be “carry out” only. The Home Company, Finance Committee, and Executive Committee is continuing to hold their regular monthly meetings. The monthly regular evening Legionnaires meetings were canceled in Nov and Dec. 2020 but the January 2021 meeting will be held on Tue. Jan. 26, 2021 7:30 pm. The Honor Guard has been extremely busy over the past two months. During the month of Dec., 2020, the squad held honors for eight veterans that had passed. As we begin 2021 already there is one veteran funeral that the squad held honors for. As you all know, we lost a very great veteran in Dec., 2020. Legionnaire Don Palmer passed away. Don was very active in the Post over the many years he has been a Legionnaire. Don was the Finance Officer for many years. Upon leaving that position he was a member of the Home Company, the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee. Don will be sorely missed as a part of the Post. Our condolences go out to the entire Palmer family and especially his wonderful wife Carol. As we continue to pursue our relocation we want to take this opportunity to send out a special thank you to those that volunteered to assist in this major move. A very special thanks goes out to Mike Castrilla, Bob Legg, Danielle Rankinen, Romy Bryant, Don Leach, and more. These volunteers were here every day and there is no way we could have been this far along without their help. Of course the Commander, the 2nd Vice Commander were here every day as well. We are not done yet but making great progress! Once again, I am sure that soon things will be back to normal and Legion Cowle Post 151, one of the greatest Post in the state of Ohio will be up and running as it was in the past. Continue to wear your PPE and STATY SAFE AND HEALTHY!!


Larry Latva, Commander