As we move into the month of April 2022 we once again bring the Post Update to all the members. The Post continues to do very well considering what hurdles had to be jumped during the past couple of years. Membership is growing as the Legionnaires, the Auxiliary, and the Sons of the Legion continue to recruit new members. It is great to see many new faces at the Post. Of course everyone is reaching out to those that chose not to renew to date to insure that they are ok and that they perhaps forgot to send their dues in for 2022. Hopefully it is the latter. The food nights have been going well and the Post offered a couple of entertainment nights over the past few months. The entertainment for the Post is something that the newly revised House Committee will be working hard to accomplish. During the month of April elections for office will be held for new officers in the Legionnaires, the Aux. and the SAL. Notices have been placed on the bulletin boards as to what the procedures are for running for office. Upon completion of the elections the May issue of the Sentinel Article will list all E Board Members, all Aux. Board Members and all SAL Board Members. Many members volunteer for these positions and we thank them all for wanting to be a member of one of the many committees or Boards. The gaming machines that the Post was required to shut off no later than Dec., 31, 2021 will back in service during the week of April 4th, 2022 or sooner. All necessary licenses have been secured by the Post and secured by the vendors that will be providing the machines. Once all machines have been in place the members will see a total of ten (10) machines along the north Social Room wall. Two young men have been selected to attend the 2022 Buckeye Boys State. John Burton, and Jefferson Cleveland are the two boys that will be attending. This is an absolutely great opportunity for these young men to receive a great education in both state and national government. It is an experience that neither will ever forget. If you have a son or a grandson that will be in the eleventh grade in 2023 now is a good time to bring the Boys State program to his attention. In addition, there is also a wonderful Girls State program, similar to Boys State, that young ladies may apply for in 2023. The Post Women’s Auxiliary coordinates the attendance to this very special program. Watch for information in early 2023 for both Boys State and Girls State attendance. As of April 4, 2002, 4 gaming machines have been installed and are ready for play. Although many of the games that were previously on the machines prior to shut down, a few of the games were not allowed to be installed by order of the state of Ohio. All continues to go well in the Post so we look forward to a membership that grows each and every year. If you know someone that is eligible to become a member of the greatest Veterans Club in the U.S. invite them to the Post and get them signed up. This is, of course, Legionnaires, Women’s Auxiliary, and Sons of the American Legion. Stay Safe…and Take Care.


Larry Latva – Commander